Ian Vaughan Photography | The Southern Highlands OTT Jump Club Day 21st July 2018

The Southern Highlands OTT Jump Club Day 21st July 2018

July 23, 2018

Hi, Friends, Fans, Followers & Supporters ...

Another beautiful day in the Southern Highlands and what would you rather be doing on a Saturday, but enjoying a day out with your furry friends & Family showjumping the rails with the sky's the limit ... The Sun was out but its radiant heat was still in bed as the icy Highlands breeze was blowing straight off the top of The Snowy Mountains down yonder. A big roll up as word has gotten around of the fabulous Jump Club days that Christan Trainor & Co. run at the Berrima District Pony Club grounds once a month, we started off with the 45cm for our furry friends who are beginning their showjumping careers to the highest levels in the sport like those few that where jumping beyond the 1.10m heights who make it look so easy their horses either have wings or a big spring in their legs to achieve those great heights ... Just like the image I have chosen to represent the July Jump Club day which I have named "Two Beauties in Flight" I had myself on a good angle to capture their magical bond they have together, with hooves together & tucked up, body stretched to it's fullness and ears pricked forward as they enjoyed their flight way above the poles, just lovely to watch ... So instead of lying in your bed, come join in and have a great day out with your furry friends who may just get a treat for looking so handsome and you will all just KEEP SMILING 4 ME Ian Vaughan Photography.