Ian Vaughan Photography | Photographers Levy at The Sydney International Equestrian Centre by Management

Photographers Levy at The Sydney International Equestrian Centre by Management

July 26, 2018

Hi, Friends, Fans, Supporters & Followers ...

For those of my Friends that may not be aware of the NEW changes to Photographers attending Events at SIEC (Sydney International Equestrian Centre) ... Well the NSW Government being the owner and Property management at SIEC have several months ago introduced a Photographers Levy to all Commercial Photographers attending Events at SIEC, They now consider us to be a Trade Stand weather your accessing Power or having a Mobile Shop your Paying a Retail Lease.

SIEC Management charge the Event Organisor a $19.00 per Day Levy to have Photographers at there Events, Then the Event Organisor can either charge the Photographer the base Rate of $19.00 per day or at Any Price they deem to be fit as some Events are raising the Daily Levy so they make a Profit (Get a Slice of the Pie) themselves off the Photographers back. 

You may not think it is much but it hurts small businesses like myself as I pay a non-refundable fee upfront prior to the Event as being an Official Photographer at that Event ... Most of us do NOT get paid to be at the Event, Work long hours to cover the Event from dawn to dusk and are only rewarded when competitors like our images and make a purchase - it hurts when the Event Organisors won't share your marketing Blog with Photo to Promote your work after the Event which contains a Link for you the competitors to view and purchase images by your Photographer of choice ... Often being the case my Blogs will end up in the Visitors Posts of the Events Social Media Page even though I send a message asking it to be shared for all to see your just ignored or in some cases Deleted all together, which is pretty heart breaking after being Granted Permission to be their as an Official Photographer and you have Paid your Trade Photographers Levy up front.

So if you notice not many Photographers attending Events like previous years this is why as at the End of the day you have to weigh up attending Events with No access to marketing your hard work after the Event ... 

I myself have had mixed results where some Events I have attended the Organisor loves my efforts and work and never any issue to share my Blog with Imagery and Links to my Website Albums & others Just ignore your message, don't reply and in some cases Delete you all together which is heart breaking as I LOVE covering Events and being apart of it all as many of you know me from Events I am very Social and interact with everyone including your Furry friends who I love to spoil with a treat or two as well.

I Felt I needed to Let all my Fans & Followers know What's What and Going On's Behind the Scenes of Events at SIEC, as I have NOT seen any Notice or other Photographers Sharing this with you all out there, I will continue to attend Events at SIEC when I can afford too, Thank you for listening & reading this post.

I often help Organisors, Committee's, Groups, Clubs & Society's when they request Photo's to help Promote their Events/Clubs on Social Media, Websites and Magazine Publication FREE of Charge so a little sharing of my Event Blog on Social media is no big ask ...

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