Ian Vaughan Photography | CPEC Members Jump Night 1st June 2018

CPEC Members Jump Night 1st June 2018

June 01, 2018

Hi Everyone, well the evening for the Jump Night started out fresh and breezy  but by the time the 65cm round began it had warmed up in the air some what for the rest on the night until the finish ... the BBQ was sizzling and there was a great show of support from members and their families and friends for Jump Night which made the atmosphere around the arena buzz with chatter and applause after each member completed their jump round in their chosen height. I myself had a very enjoyable time capturing all the action and I had a few models pose for me in between height changes, A pair of special friends posed for me as I captured their bond & Love they have for each other which I always enjoy capturing those moments during Events (you can view this couple in the Album marked This & That) Well the night ended a little early and Presentations where presented under lights at evenings End.

I had picked out about a dozen images to choose to pick my Blog image to represent the Jump Night out of those my eye caught this pair in a colourful pale orange combination which quickly made my mind up to go with as the horses ears pointed forward and front hooves tucked up and the rider aerodynamically positioned on her horse simply looked wonderful. So until next month remember to KEEP SMILING 4 ME Ian Vaughan Photography.