Ian Vaughan Photography | ANZAC Day Pilgrimage into the City of Sydney 25th April 2018

ANZAC Day Pilgrimage into the City of Sydney 25th April 2018

May 22, 2018

Hi Everyone ...

Well I went into Sydney on my pilgrimage for ANZAC Day 25th April 2018 and I did my best to capture the Parade through my Lens. I myself started being apart of the parade on ANZAC day when I started in Pipe Bands at 8 years old in 1972 with the Fairfield & Cabramatta Police Boys Club Pipe Band. My father was a veteran of several conflicts and served Australia in all three services RAAF, RAR, & RAN when he retired at the rank of Chief Petty Officer and had been in the Australian Pipe Band seen for many years before WW!!, during his Service he was a member of the Royal Australian Navy Pipe Band and continued many years after in Civilian Life. Dad was one of the 3 Founding members of the New South Wales Pipe Band Association and well know within the Australian & Overseas Pipe Band world, He was a Life Member of the Sydney Thistle Highland Pipe Band & an Honory Life Memeber of the City of Renfew Pipe Band in Scotland from his Navy days being stationed overseas. As I grew up and changed into various Pipe Bands for various reasons I was always involved in ANZAC days like many of my band friends as it was a tradition and culture, at the end of the days march all Pipe Bands would gather for Mass Bands down George Street and into the Cenotaph as the pipes eckoded through the buildings and streets of Martine Place, Sydney ... I had the Honor to Lead The Mass Bands in 1977 a year after I Won two Australian Champion Drum Major Tittles at The Australian Pipe Band Championships in Adelaide South Australia in 1976 when I was 12 years old with the Parramatta Police Boys Club Pipe Band, I took out the Juvenile & Open Tittles at that Event winning a case of Grants Scotch Whisky from the Event Sponsor (Which I still have One bottle) from that Prize Tittle in my Display cabinet in my Home unopened still full, I'll get around to opening it one day for a special occasion. So as the years go buy and I am very busy with my Photography Business now I thought I would go into the City and Capture the Days Events as I see them through my eye's and I also caught up with a few friends of mine & my late fathers, which was great.

My choice image to represent my Pilgrimage of the parade is of the Sydney Thistle Highland Pipe Band as it is the Bands 100th Year Celebrations and both myself and my late father where members with my father being a Life Member, many fond memories of the Thistle with many friends ...

In Memory Family members who Served Australia: Arthur Gouild M.M. Norman G. Vaughan O.A.M. Lesley Gouild, John "Jack" J. Keogh. 'Lest We Forget'