Ian Vaughan Photography | Camden Dressage Club Competition Day 16th July 2017

Camden Dressage Club Competition Day 16th July 2017

July 17, 2017

Another great club competition day had by all members and visitors who attended and competed ... Starting off cold but once the sun rose to light the sky it became a brilliant day for Equestrian Dressage. I captured about 8,000 smiles during the day. there where some cancellations and late entries so if you don't find yourself in one album you may be in another as I photographed everyone and did my best to place you all in the correct classes with your bridal numbers. The photo I chose for my Blog story is of two competitors who regardless of their places on the podium where Grinning from ear to ear with their success which is what competing is all about - Having a go, enjoy the day and have fun with friends & family in the great sport of Equestrian activity we all love with your fury best friend. Until we meet again remember to KEEP SMILING 4 ME Ian Vaughan Photography.