Large Custom Print Gifted to the Roach Family at Araluen - B.H.T 26th Nov 2017

November 27, 2017

On the 26th of November 2017 I presented this custom made A2 size print of the water jump at Araluen which I captured with my wide angle lens during winter of 2017 at the Berrima Horse Trials Event mid year, I arrived at the Araluen property early on that winters morning hoping to capture the early morning sun as it rose over the property, instead there was a extremely thick blanket of fog covering the entire property, I had to wait at the water jump as the fog lifted to capture the alternative image of the three large trees reflection in the glass like still waters of the pond. With centre jump wine barrels also reflecting I found my moment in time to capture what I had in visioned in my mind as to what it was I wanted to capture through the lens of my camera. Days later I spent several hours on my computers photographic software tweaking the image to how I wanted it to appear, once happy with the look I had the image enlarged to A2 size which is about half a poster size, I then presented my custom print to my framers of choice as we agree'd on the frame & bordering colours to compliment my print. I collected the completed print now bordered & professionally framed feeling quite chuffed with the outcome as this was my 1st ever extremely large art work of my photography. I always had in mind to Gift it to the Roach Family for having the Berrima Horse Trials Event on their property known to all as Araluen and for allowing me to be a part of the Event the past few years since starting off my Photography Business known as Ian Vaughan Photography as a Thank You.

On Sunday the 26th of November day two of the Berrima Horse Trials held at Araluen, I arrived early before the crowds arrived and with no fan fare I presented Dr. Vincent Roach the custom print as a Gift to himself and his Family for allowing me to be a part of this great Event and the sport in which I have fallen in love with to photograph. Vincent accepted the print in the Goodwill it was given.

Living in the Southern Highlands I love attending as many Equestrian Events as possible and I am sure I will be back at Araluen very soon to capture all the action, Being a local I am quite known for my Equestrian Photography work and have found opportunities to give back to you all for supporting me by way of Sponsoring several Events and I am also Sponsoring a Rising Star in the Sport and her horses and look forward to more in the future.

Sincerely Ian Vaughan Photography