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My Story I have had a passion for photography since my early teens lasting the past 40 years always behind the camera snapping away at everything that caught my eye. After high school I went into an Apprenticeship as a Pastrycook for a period of four years as I loved cooking from an early age, it must of been those many hours with my grandmother as she was always baking yummy things. Since I was eight my late father was very active in the Sydney Scottish Pipe Bands which I followed in winning State & Australian Tittles at an early ripe age of 12 which carried me through life always striving to be better at everything I was involved in. After my Apprenticeship I worked around various Bakeries learning as much as I could to perfect my skills. In the 1980's with my parents support I purchased a local Pastry Shop and run it as owner operator with family & friends lending a hand, after some years owning my bakery I wanted a career change and sold up. Being a skilled musician I was always active and joined the Royal Australian Regiment Pipes & Drums for a 4 year period, when I completed their I was invited to join the NSW Police Force Pipe Band where I stayed for a number of years. During these years I obtained a security Licence and shortly after a Masters Licence and started my own security company, I stayed in this industry being self employed for close on 14 years. I continued as a security officer but now I went into a Government position with NSW Health 2001 working at Randwick Campus and later at St. George Hospital, during my time at St. George I discovered a wanted to break away from the security industry & I got more into a patient care position so I studied basic Nursing for a career change whilst working in the hospitals Rehabilitation ward as their Orderly/Rehab Assistant. Once I completed my studies I transferred into a ward Orderly position at Liverpool Emergency Department, I worked at Liverpool ED from 2007 to 2014 and I enjoyed my years in Health mostly except when I had my work injury. Once injured on the job I found managements friendliness had disappeared after a time on Workcover the government changed the structure of Workcover which then left me out on a limb alone requiring urgent surgery as a result of my injury. I took annual leave for almost 8 months to have my surgery and recover seeing I had accumulated leave piling up, after that I was on the mend I returned to work thinking my employer would place me back on alternative duties as I still had stitches and dressing over my wound and my mobility wasn't 100% yet but my employer had other plans to end my employment throwing me back into the positions in full duty roll which is tuff on any day being physically fit little own still recovering one week after completing months of rehabilitation I could see my time in health coming to an end, after refusing to just quick I struggled for 5 days realising that my health was more important than the job. With an unknown future and the property market being at its peak I sold my property in South Western Sydney and relocated me and my furry boy Bud to Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands of NSW where we continue to live. With my Disability & Mobility issue's finding another job will have its challenges as I have had this disability since a earlier work injury back in 2000 prior to the Olympics but it had declined further since my recent injury and rehab. One day I was looking for something to do and heard their was an Equestrian Event at the local showground for two days so I grabbed my photography gear and went along, for the weekend Event after that I decided to give my Photography a chance as being between things found it kept me busy in between searching for employment this lead to me a year later turning my hobby of Photography into a small business and the beginning of Ian Vaughan Photography as I am now known and operate solely as. I am extremely thankful for discovering the world of photography all those years ago as I have been very active in promoting my Photography Business Ian Vaughan Photography and tracking down events and successfully getting on board them in an official capacity as an Event Photographer where I have built a strong following and support network, and made many friends, along with creating my website here which is a love in progress I am more than ever enjoying my photography. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of interesting like minded people through this journey and learning from several incredible photographers along the way. I have had success with many publications and my images are being used by some of Australia's Elite Equestrian Riders sponsors currently (See my Blogs) and also by ENSW Association. 

As of November 2017 I have branched into the world of Sponsorship, My very 1st Equestrian Rug with my local Berrima District Pony Club will be something to cherish for years to come  ... I have sponsored many other Events since my 1st now which can be found on my Blog page.

I look forward to other Sponsorship opportunities in the future & giving back to the sport in which I love to photograph.

My Passion is Photography & That was my Story ...

Events, Sports/Action, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape, Portraiture photography.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Story and learning a little more of who I am and remember my business Motto: KEEP SMILING 4 ME 

Ian N. Vaughan J.P.

(I'm a Justice of The Peace in New South Wales, Member NSW Justices' Association)


Copyright Infringement is a Crime & a Criminal Offence by Law.

I get upset when I see people helping themselves to images from my website by screen shooting or copying them - THE EASY TELL SIGN IS = I have many watermarks I use for different times but the one that protects my images on my website under Copyright Law has FIVE (5) x Boarsheads on them, when I see images appearing on social media and elsewhere with the five Boarsheads on the image/s this tells me person/s have removed images without paying for them. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT get paid by any Group or Event to be their to photograph the Events I attend, those that see me at Events I put in long hours covering as much as I can each day, I ONLY get rewarded with payment when customers like my images and purchase such via my website shop, This is my source of income as I support myself, So those that just take - you are breaking the Law under International & Australian Copyright Infringement it is the same as removing an item from a Shopping Centre which is commonly known as Stealing which is also a Criminal Offence as is taking an image from my website.