EmbroidMe Macarthur NEWS July 2018 Issue 01

July 04, 2018

Hi, Friends, Fans, Supporters & Followers ...

Yours truly staring in the 1st Edition of the EmbroidMe Macarthur NEWS July 2018 Issue 01 ... I was asked as a client if I would be ok to appear in the EmbroidMe Business NEWS as it is there 1st Edition as the business expands ... I always do a Blog with a photo on all my Business social media when I visit the factory / shop as EmbroidMe Macarthur make all my merchandise for me for my Photography Business including all the items I use to Sponsor an Equestrian Event. Staff are always friendly and go out of their way to make their clients happy, with great Customer Service they KEEP SMILING 4 ME always ... Ian Vaughan Photography, Moss Vale. New South Wales.