Zone 10 Dressage Competition Day 27th May 2018 @ Wollondilly Pony Club Grounds

May 28, 2018

Wow what a great venue the Wollondilly Pony Club has available to their members ... It turned out to be great weather for the Zone 10 Dressage Competition Day, the club grounds where buzzing with excitement of all the Zone 10 members with family and friends their to support them ... the Canteen was doing good business, It was a GREAT day had by all who attended.

The image I have chosen to represent the Dressage part of the Day is of this Handsome furry boy who was making his Debut in the Dressage Arena, How splendid he looked glowing in the sunshine as he showed off what he had learn't and practiced with his girl onboard, going by the way he presented himself with near perfect Dressage Legs and ears pricked forward his feature in Dressage will be a very successful one, So KEEP SMILING 4 ME furry friend and enjoy your Dressage.