2018 Goulburn Show & Southern Tablelands Showjumping Cup Championship

March 06, 2018

Over the weekend of the 3rd & 4th of March was The Goulburn Show and within the show was the Prestige's 2018 Goulburn Southern Tablelands Showjumping Cup, this showjumping full on two days is ran by the Goulburn & District Showjumping Club whom I look after their monthly jump days. Over the two days I captured over 12,500 images of horsemanship by riders of all ages from near and a far who come together each year for the Cup Championships. Two days of great fun, friendships and reunions by all who attend The Goulburn Show each year.

This year was extra special for my Business - Ian Vaughan Photography as all three Equestrian Riders whom I Sponsor; Samantha Cooper, Jessie Beresford & Katie Beresford all competed at the show and added multiple wins and Championship Tittles to the record books of the Goulburn Show Society's history ... A Big Congratulations to you all as they KEEP SMILING 4 ME as they excel in the sport of Equestrian that we all Love.