Highlife Time Country Life in The Southern Highlands Australia Oct/Nov issue 2017

November 11, 2017

                                                               The Future of Bong Bong  

A couple of months prior to publication I was contacted to see if I could cover a shoot at the Bong Bong Racecourse for a marketing firm that required a Photographer at the last minute an hour before the shooting was to take place. I agree to do the shoot which was held on location at the Bong Bong Racecourse in Bowral for a local marketing company who was organising the shoot on behalf of the Racecourse Committee.

The shoot went well with a horse and jockey and several persons dressed in period fashions to modern day fashions, the weather wasn't so kind as it was very gusty winds but that is normal for the grounds of the Racecourse with its open fields and sounds of the countryside, all in all a good solid hour of shooting, I was happy with my images and work that day.

It is always pleasing to have your work showcased and featured in a glossy Lifestyle Magazine with photo credit for all to see especially when you live in the area.