A New Start for me & a Journey / New beginning as a Sponsor in Sport Photography.

October 09, 2017

Hi, Friends, Fans, Supporters & Followers ...

Good news I just approved the Artwork with my Embroiders today
The start of NEW beginnings stretching my wings out and starting to get into a little bit of Sponsoring with some of my regular clubs to start with in the sport of Equestrian that I Love to Photograph. 
Check out the Saddle Cloths that are currently being worked on and this is how my Business Name, Logo & Motto will appear on Saddle Cloths which I recently purchased at my local Horseland store in Moss Vale, The Logo & Motto is the same as seen on my shirts & signage at the Events I attend, which I am sure you have come to know ... so remember to KEEP SMILING 4 ME and you could be one of the exclusive few to win one of my items at an Event soon thank you all for your on going support with my Photography, Sincerely yours Ian Vaughan Photography