Equestrian company private product photo shoot for www.coolfreein.com based in Europe

December 03, 2016

I was shooting at a regional Equestrian event in the Southern Highlands of NSW where I had the privilege to photograph a member of the 2012 Olympic Equestrian Team then met them after the ride and was asked to photograph the horse with all its ribbons and the entire family with it ... During this time I was introduced to a young lady whom was a guest of this family she was an Elite Equestrian rider from Europe visiting Australia for several months during this time I was asked if I would be available to do a private shoot of there company product in an Australian bush setting which I agreed to do.

The shoot took place on the 24th of January 2016 at a large private horse property in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales Australia with two lovely female models and four very camera energetic horses, I had a great time with everyone involved and captured some great images for the companies product.

For those few young NSW Equestrian riders that I befriended at some of the events that I covered all around NSW and was offered one of the Horse Beanies which where exclusive to me alone as not available in Australia ... this is the product I shot for the company C.E.O. 

As of December 2016 this product is available at www.coolfreein.com through there online store - KEEP SMILING 4 ME Ian Vaughan Photography